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4:44 pm - Friday November 28, 2014

Bao Seng Durian Buffet (Eat all you Can Durian) @ Penang

Monday, 21 June 2010, 11:36 | Balik Pulau, Buffet, Cuisine, Food and Drinks, Fruits, Location, Malaysia, Penang | 0 Comment | Read 1802 Times
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It’s June, and it’s Durian season, the kings of fruits, and also the season of fattening.

These years, there is however something very hot in Malaysia, which is durian buffet. Just pay a small amount of money, and you get to eat all you can. From D24, red prawn, hor lor and many many more.

2010.06.19 Bao Seng Durian Buffet @ Penang-1

Durians, Durians, Durians……!!!

2010.06.19 Bao Seng Durian Buffet @ Penang-2

You can choose, either go for the eat all you can, or pay for 1 and eat it there. For the buffet, you got 3 choices, RM25, RM35 and RM45. For RM25, you can only choose Durians from the 1st row, for RM35, 1st and 2nd row can be choose, and for RM45, you can choose all the Durians available, which include little red and red prawn (ang heh). We opt for the RM45, wishing to try it all!

2010.06.19 Bao Seng Durian Buffet @ Penang-3

The owner is a friendly guy. Although he is very busy with so many customers around, yet he is able to explain to us each type of Durian, the name of it, and how it should taste like. Besides, since there’s only 2 of us, thumb up to him that all the Durian he choose for us are small one, so that we are able to taste different type of Durian, good job!

2010.06.19 Bao Seng Durian Buffet @ Penang-11

1st to be served, Qing Pi Hor Lor.

2010.06.19 Bao Seng Durian Buffet @ Penang-4

Little red.

2010.06.19 Bao Seng Durian Buffet @ Penang-5

Qing Pi 15.

2010.06.19 Bao Seng Durian Buffet @ Penang-6

And the famous red prawn, or better known as ang heh, which taste bitter sweet and is among 1 of the most loved version of Durian lovers. 1 of my favorite too.

2010.06.19 Bao Seng Durian Buffet @ Penang-7

Hor Lor, which if translate directly to english is water gourd. The shape of the Durian itself looks like a water gourd, so goes to the flesh inside, and hence the name of it. However, the one we got is way way too dry for my liking.

2010.06.19 Bao Seng Durian Buffet @ Penang-8

D2, sweet and nice.

2010.06.19 Bao Seng Durian Buffet @ Penang-9

Pek Bak You (White Pork Lard) is our final Durian, and it’s also 1 of my favorite. Although the meat is white, but it’s taste very very nice.

2010.06.19 Bao Seng Durian Buffet @ Penang-10

After so much of heaty Durian, we definitely need to drink some tea. Tea and water are all FOC here.

2010.06.19 Bao Seng Durian Buffet @ Penang-14

The view from the Durian farm here is just superb.

2010.06.19 Bao Seng Durian Buffet @ Penang-12

Hm….what are these? High class resort with personal pool? Massage room? I am unsure eh.

2010.06.19 Bao Seng Durian Buffet @ Penang-13

However, this is quite a famous place and it attracts many visitors. We couldn’t even get a table for ourself and we had to eat by the place where they put their Durian.

2010.06.19 Bao Seng Durian Buffet @ Penang-15

Overall, it’s a great experience. However, it’s best come with a bunch of your Durian lover friend so that you can share a whole Durian among yourselves, chit chating while slowly enjoy high quality Durian for the day.

Total Damage: RM45 per person

Operating Hours: 10 AM to 4 PM

Location: Bao Seng Durian Farm (POI available from malsingmaps)

Bao seng durian buffet (eat all you can durian) @ penang, Correction!! you better go attend some english classes. durian farm not durian fark!. Chillout, soulout & freakout: bao seng durian farm, balik, Yup, i "abducted" and "seduced" my two new french couple friend, jerome and elise to this place. durian seng (he preferred to be called that way) brought. My food fetish: deluxcious all you can eat lunch buffet, Tarbush, one of the leading middle eastern restaurants in malaysia has opened its doors to the penang dining scene about two weeks ago. th.

Capturing penang: king of fruits - the durian, The magic of durians. you can get rid the odor from your hands by washing them with the durian seed. also, to neutralise your taste buds, you can fill the fruit cell. My food fetish: bao sheng durian farm, Hubs normally orders his yearly supply of durian from mr chang (also fondly known as ah seng) who owns the bao sheng durian farm. as far as i know, ah seng. Masak-masak: durian, the king of fruits @ ss2, petaling jaya, The rules here are simple, just sit down and enjoy your durian. you can ask them to select the different varieties and sit on the plastic tables..

Sugar high friday (shf) tropical paradise - durian pancake, Filling. 100 grams uht cream, whipped 200 grams durian flesh, pounded. to make the pancake wrapper: sift the icing sugar, tapioca flour and plain flour. Fish ball noodles @ seng kee fish ball and laksa 胜记 in, The fish balls were like white ping pong balls in color, size and bounciness. i know this is an overused cliché but in the case of seng kee, it is apt and. Hk & macau trip day 6: café mun kor , the venetian, four, Hk & macau trip day 6: café mun kor , the venetian, four faced buddha, serrdura, mok yi kei, seng cheong crab porridge, fong kei biscuits, tai lei loi kei.

Bao Seng Durian Buffet (Eat all you Can Durian) @ Penang

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