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1:28 am - Saturday December 20, 2014

Restaurant Kolam Ikan @ Kulim

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Restaurant Kolam Air, a not so hidden gem (as it was visited by Ah Xian before) was located in a small town in Kulim, Kedah. It was originally build to breed fresh water fish, and slowly evolve to a small restaurant which had attract huge amount of eaters everyday.

I absolutely love this place as it was far away from town, and gives 1 some very good feel, the kampung (village) feel.

restaurant kolam air @ kulim-1

Happily swimming fish waiting to be catch and cooked and eated.

restaurant kolam air @ kulim-2

The small atap house there is where the place where you going to dine in. The place is quite small with only 10 tables available, and even the land is not cement!

restaurant kolam air @ kulim-3

Clear peaceful river, not deep enough to swim though.

restaurant kolam air @ kulim-4

Lake full with fish inside, either to be used and cook by the restaurant owner, or sold it to others.

restaurant kolam air @ kulim-5

Another lake, I really love the scenery here.

restaurant kolam air @ kulim-12

1 must be warned that there are many dogs straying around here. It seems that all of them was owned by the owner as all the dogs had a tag on them. However, all of them was not chained up, but fortunately, I was never chased or barked by them.

restaurant kolam air @ kulim-11

The crowd here usually starts after 12.30pm, so come earlier to avoid them!

restaurant kolam air @ kulim-10

The choices of fish here is not much however, as only fresh water fish was served. You can choose from Tilapia, Patin, Bak Suk Kung or Sutan only. Method of cooking is usually fried, steamed or thai style only too. However, since the fish here are absolutely fresh, they should be cooked that way so that you can taste the freshness and sweetness of the fish to it max.

Deed fried Sutan Fish. The fish was fried deeply until the outside of it was very crunchy, but was not over fried until the meat hardened. Besides, the fish scale of this fish can be consumed too,  and it taste nice! 8.8/10

restaurant kolam air @ kulim-6

Steamed bak suk kung, taste nice as this dish is all up to the freshness of the fish. 8.2/10

restaurant kolam air @ kulim-8

While the method of cooking this steamed patin is normal, but I hate this fish. I just don’t like the texture of the meat, and the fish is too fat to my liking. I will never ever order patin again in the future. 4.0/10

restaurant kolam air @ kulim-15

Besides fish, you don’t have any choice of other meat already. So 1 can opt for steamed mushroom if they wish. Although the mushroom is fresh and sweet, but I find that the taste of the fish had overpower it, leading to this steamed mushroom become normal only. 6.1/10

restaurant kolam air @ kulim-14

Stir fried Yau Mak, normal lo. 6.5/10

restaurant kolam air @ kulim-7

Since it’s quite far to come here especially if you are from Penang, it’s good to give them a call before you start your journey.

restaurant kolam air @ kulim-13

You must also prepare a very bumpy ride to the restaurant. Driver car with high clearance, and avoid driving car with lowered springs and low bodykit, or you will have a hard time to drive in there, and your car will definitely be scratched. The entrance is pretty small, so do notice their small green sign board at the entrance. It takes around 5 to 10 minutes to reach the restaurant itself from the entrance. If you never come here before, you might think you had gone the wrong way, but don’t u-turn back, just head straight and at every junction, there will be a small sign board tell you where to turn. Be WARNED again, the road is very bumpy and narrow.

restaurant kolam air @ kulim-16

Total Damage: Deep Fried Sutan Fish – RM32, Steamed  Bak Suk Gung – RM36, Steamed Patin – RM28, Stir Fried Yau Mak – RM6, Steamed Mushroom – RM6

Operating Hours: 11.30am to 6pm (Closed on Monday)

Location: No.168 Seberang Sungai, Kampung Baru, Sungai Kob, Kulim, Kedah.  You will pass by Kulim High Tech Industrial Park on your way to there. Look for Petronas/Caltex Sungai Kob. (GPS coordinate: N05, 25.654 , E100, 38.511).

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... kolam ikan restaurant emm main entrance to the floating restaurant

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Restoran Kolam Ikan... Kulim

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